Friday, March 21, 2014

Freakin' Sweet! Whiskey Tango gets an Honorable Mention in the Weekly Standard!

I am so psyched.

I know i shouldn't be wasting my hard-earned cabbage on subscriptions to print periodicals, but in this age of free internet content, where publishers are falling all over themselves to give away their product, I still feel like $36 bucks a year is a heck of a bargain to be able to have The Weekly Standard in print-form especially since I don't like using the computer on the throne when Sweet Baby is in the shower because a) the steam can ruin the damn thing beyond what the Geek Squad can fix with free advice and b) i don't trust that fish-eye camera looking at me when I am taking care of business (I know I already addressed this in a print-article called "Duck-Taped Solutions for Modern Problems" but either way).

Either way, I had the Standard in-hand and had just warmed up the Bemis to 98.6 when somewhere between some nerd-chirping on North Korea / Dennis Rodman and Michelle Obama / China (honestly enough of the 2,000 word bloviations just to say what we're all thinking about all this foreign nonsense, - Ed.) and BLAM! Here we are, front and center guests-of-honor in our favorite mag with the headline: "The White-Trashing of American Television"

I got to say, I like this John Podhoretz and the only thing that hit a little close to home and gave me that feeling right behind the eyes of a self-conscious temperature increase, almost like laying down and balancing a couple of fresh-from-the-oven corn muffins on my cheeks, was the note about the 'shabby upholstery'... I know the damn dog is getting on the couch when we're not around and we needed something to protect it but it doesn't necessarily mean we're a lesser breed. The 'related articles' widget pointed at a piece by Judy Bachrach and chapped my ass a bit with some statements on 'diabetes' being the new 'pellagra' but as it turns out it was a book review of Charlotte Hays' new book "When Did White Trash Become the New Normal?: A Southern Lady Asks the Impertinent Question" by Regenery and available on Amazon and it sounds like she's making the case that Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardasian (sp) are the new trash. Who the hell knows.

I don't know... I keep telling myself any publicity is good publicity and I imagine getting written about in the Standard is a sure shot better than the NYT so it's cool - JP gets a pass.

It's 0500 and as much as I love to write we got a doozy of day ahead of us; Not to derail the convo but we put a camera and a flashlight on a broomstick and dropped it down Juliet Bravo's septic tube on Martha's Vineyard (hell yeah we're planting the WT flag on the Vineyard, Nantucket to go fall off the edge of the planet is what I say). Anyhow we found a batch a roots like Banshee hair jamming up the works and that's turned into a heck of a project. No sooner did we stamp the logo on the cap and call the job done, but we find out the popcorn ceiling is 3% asbestos so we're getting the whole crew together for a remediation reminiscent of the late 90's missions - "ain't no party like a 'spestos party" to get the place back on track...

I know what you're saying, "pics or it didn't happen" so here you go:

Yep, i bet the problem is down that hole...

We need to investigate

Oh yeah, that's it

Sometimes you have the fabricate the best tool for the job

and working perfectly!

fixed at!

Leaving the mark!

Keep your heads up!  Juliet Papa, Ed.